in early 2015 control air joined forces with air flow mechanical, a PROMINENT women owned corporation here in anaheim to form AF.CA - a joint venture INITIATIVE. AF.CA provides immense value to clients specifically interested in working with women owned business enterprises (WBE). 

Women owned business enterprise

Control Air firmly stands by women in business and women in leadership. We recognize the need for equality and the need to promote Women Owned Enterprises within our business sectors. As such, A.F.C.A is owned and operated under all the required WBE credentials. The venture pairs the macro resources and tenure of Control Air, with the experience and insight of Air Flow Mechanical. 


AF.CA holds over 40+ years of project experience within Southern California. Our project portfolio encompasses Healthcare, Commercial, Hospitality, Education, Mixed Use Living, Recreation, Transportation & Public Buildings. Within each of these sectors, we specifically target those clients who require WBE accreditation on their projects - albeit from the owner and or the general manager.


Debt-free corporation

We think it’s rare to find a debt free and financially stable company in today’s volatile economy. And just like Control Air, AF.CA is a debt-free corporation. We take pride in our financial status as it allows us to better serve our customers both now and in the future.


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