Through its affliate company OPTIMUM energy design, control air is a full service MECHANICAL, plumbing, energy and fire PROTECTION ENGINEERING and COMMISSIONING Design Firm serving the western united states. We have been instrumental in the design and optimization of many COMMERCIAL FACILITIES throughout CALIFORNIA as well as nevada and arizona.

Energy Audits and Benchmarking: 
We identify building and system components and characterize energy use through utility billing analysis and equipment and system performance analysis.

Energy Analysis: 
Identification and analysis of each building energy efficiency opportunity including chiller plants, heating plants, fans, pumps, solar hot water heating systems, fossil fuel and renewable energy sources such as Photovoltaic systems.

Provide new building Commissioning and Enhanced Commissioning services. Provide existing building Retro-Commissioning and ongoing Commissioning services. All our services meet the requirements of the Cal Green Code, LEED, HPI and CHPS for schools and other regulatory agencies.

Measurement and Verification: 
Measurement and verification of energy efficiency projects includes formal measurement and verification (M&V) for LEED and performance contracting as well as less formal verification of savings and functional performance of efficiency retrofits.

Energy Rebate & Grants: 
Provide owners the assistance they need in obtaining and maximizing rebates and high efficiency energy grants.

At Optimum Energy Design we believe sustainability is a critical component of any task. From needs identification to load reeducation, technology through to LEED optimization, we fully integrate sustainability solutions and producers into all of our customized solutions.

New Construction Design Assist: 
The greatest opportunities for incorporating energy efficiency and sustainability into a building come in the early design phase. We provide building simulation and design assistance to owners and design teams to support their efforts in obtaining the maximum efficiency possible within each project’s constraints. We maximize our work through fully integrated BIM modeling.

Fire Protection: 
Design and integration of fire protection in our clients' projects are a top priority. We fully optimize and integrate fire sprinklers and suspension systems in our designs.

Medical Gas Design: 
We fully design and optimize buildings for medical gas design for both OSHPD and non-OSHPD facilities.


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