With about 40% of the world’s energy consumed by HVAC-R equipment and very little advancement in developing refrigerants that help reduce energy consumption, Bluon saw a way to make a sizable impact. Our team of skilled physicists, researchers, HVAC-R technicians, engineers and visionaries are creating solutions that are as environmentally friendly as they are superior in terms of performance and ef ciency. This new generation of refrigerants is what our world needs now. 

Reduce energy consumption

Depending on the size, type and usage of your system, and your electricity costs, TdX 20, at like capacity, reduces energy consumption by 5-25% or more, and pays for itself in 12-36 months. 

Improve the performance

Because TdX 20 causes your existing compressor(s) to draw less current, while operating at lower pressures and compressor temperatures than R-22, your system will experience less wear-and-tear. Systems operate more quietly and efficiently, require less maintenance, therefore are likely to have greater longevity. 


Decrease your carbon footprint

You shouldn’t have to choose between doing right by your facility and equipment and doing right by the planet. In addition to offering the best performance and greatest operational efficiencies, Bluon TdX 20 provides a material reduction in your carbon footprint.

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